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Directions for SmartWatch 2

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Want to get step by step route instructions just by looking at your watch? Smart Directions provides step by step directions between your current position and destination on your Sony SmartWatch 2.
Please note this application is only for the Sony SmartWatch 2 device.
* Get directions from your current position to a preset destination * Configure 2 destinations that you can cycle through on your watch (preset destinations are configured on host device).* Works for Driving, Walking, Cycling and Public Transport! * Direction instructions are localised depending on language set on your phone.* Think of this as a tool to help you catch your next bus/train and help you with route planning.
Usage Instructions:* Define destinations on your host device.* Scroll up/down on list to view route.* Press on location item to get more details in a gallery view.* Cycle through alternative routes by swiping left and right on list.* Route search criteria is based on your current time and current location. You can increase the time of the search by +15mins on your watch via the menu.* Search result is cached, press the refresh button on your watch menu to get fresh results.* To search for a route to your next predefined destination, press the ">>" button on your watch menu.
If you can get transport directions (public/driving/cycle) online in your country, you should be able to use this app.
If you have any issues or wish for a feature please drop us an email and we'll do our best to help.
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2